Genfish is a responsible and dynamic web agency formed by young talented people with the ability to undertake projects in different scopes. Our main goal is to offer the best advice, design and development to those companies which want to improve their online communication.

The amount of opportunities that exist today in the network have enabled us to form a multidisciplinary team of skilled professionals capable of working with the latest web technologies emerging in the world of online programming and make an extensive use of the most common web standards.

Getting the best quality in our products is our main goal. Our customers are our guarantee of quality.



Our services

Genfish has developed specific techniques to offer solutions to our customers. We range from graphical communication topics to  web portal development and management applications for both mobile devices and for major social networks like Facebook and Twitter.


Working methodology

To bring success to each project we start we have an accurated and well-implemented methodology. This consists of the following stages which we achieve progressively: Research, Analysis, Concept, Strategy, Development, Implementation and Testing.


Benefits of having a website

Having a website for your business can bring you many benefits. Quick, clear and accessible information for your customer which will be available at all times. Being found by potential customers outside your normal markets. One more channel dedicated to improve the image of your business. Get prestige and reputation. And much more!


How to get new customers

The most imporant way to convert Internet users into customers is having an excellent showcase. In Genfish, we propose concrete steps to achieve it. Make visible your website in the major search engines, attract visitors, encourage them to stay, win their interest, provide confidence and ultimately facilitate close contact.

Web services


Corporate website

In Genfish, we make an effort to know the specific needs of each customer and that is the reason we make customized proposals. The main product for any company is a good corporate website where it could detail information, services, products and keep direct contact with their customers.


Social Networks

It is important to adapt quickly to the market and nowadays social networks and especially consumer opinion is the center of business for any company. In Genfish we are experts in creating new communities and in integrating brands within the largest communities that drive new trends.


Virtual stores

For purely online businesses we have a variety of options to open new channels for your sales. To provide some examples: virtual stores, product reservation systems, online rental and purchase of goods and services systems. Genfish adapts to the checkout method preferred by the customer.

Mobile applications

Mobile Web applications

With the lastest mobile technologies, devices of all types have occupied much of the time of your potential customers. That's the reason why today is almost mandatory to think of strategies to enhance your mobile channel. In Genfish we design and implement any application on mobile and tablets.


oGraph applications

If there is a factor which is more important than any other, this is networking. As individuals we like to have everything on hand, easily accessible and as visible as possible for those people around us which we consider important. With the new Internet standard oGraph we can connect everything.



The correct management of your own resources is as important as having good sales channels. In Genfish we know exactly what to propose when the objective is to optimize and re-use the internal knowledge of a company in order the improve the internal processes of the organization. You will increase the performance of your business with customized management software.



SEO and SEM campaigns

The first input channel of potential customers on Internet is without any doubt search engines. For this service, you can directly consult our rates following this link. We offer assessment, analysis of your competitors, optimization and creation of semantic links, information and personalized assistance.


Identity and corporate image

Graphic design

Copy and Graphic design